Pet Oncology

Oncology & Chemotherapy

While no pet owner wants to hear a cancer diagnosis, the good news is that treatment options are available. At Companion Animal Hospital & Boarding Center, we deliver compassionate care and advanced treatments to help ensure the best possible outcomes for your pet. We are also one of the few non-specialty veterinary practices in the Fort Walton Beach area to offer pet oncology and chemotherapy in-house.

How Do Pet Oncology Services Work?

At Companion Animal Hospital & Boarding Center, we have the advanced equipment and expertise to diagnose and treat your pet. We begin with an oncology consultation to evaluate your pet’s cancer and discuss treatment options. In some cases, we may recommend radiation therapy. If that’s an option you decide to pursue, we can refer you to an oncology specialist.

Your pet’s prognosis, treatment options and response to treatment will depend on the type of cancer they have and how advanced it is.

What Is Pet Chemotherapy?

Chemotherapy can be used to treat cancer in pets. It works by destroying cancer cells in the body with chemical agents. Chemotherapy is typically administered to pets through an injection or in pill form. The number of chemotherapy treatments your pet will need depends on the type of cancer and responsiveness to the treatments.

Chemotherapy is usually delivered on an outpatient basis, meaning your pet can go home after treatment. Most pets experience little to no side effects from chemotherapy. Any side effects that do arise can typically be solved with dosage and schedule adjustments.

How to Care for a Dog or Cat With Cancer

If you’re caring for a pet with cancer, you want to give them a good quality of life throughout the treatment process. Sticking to their normal routine as much as possible is a great way to help them stay happy and healthy.

Taking steps to make your home more accessible to your pet can also be beneficial. Simple adjustments like moving food and water closer to their resting place and ensuring they have comfortable bedding can go a long way in making your pet comfortable.

You can also consult with your vet about the best care options.

Contact Companion Animal Hospital & Boarding Center for Pet Oncology Services

If your pet needs cancer care, get in touch with us today. We offer a range of oncology services to treat various types of cancer in pets. Although we are not specialists, your pet can benefit from receiving treatment in a familiar environment. We can also refer you to a specialist if desired.