Pet imaging and ultrasound services

Diagnostic Imaging


Companion animal hospital utilizes advanced technology in the field of imaging at our pet vet x-ray center in Fort Walton Beach. Our practice uses digital radiography (x-rays) that provides the highest quality images to help us evaluate your pet’s condition. Utilize cat & dog x-rays in Fort Walton Beach, Fl to check on your pet’s health!


Our vets utilize the latest in non-invasive ultrasound technology that allows the veterinarian to look within your dog or cat’s body to diagnose many conditions. You can utilize our ultrasound for cats & dogs to check on your pet!

Why is animal imaging needed? At times this may help us avoid the need for surgery or other invasive diagnostics. For more advanced ultrasound we also utilize mobile ultrasound that allows more intricate diagnostics and additional availability for input from Board Certified Radiologists and Cardiologists.

Help Your Pet Feel Better With Services From Companion Animal Hospital & Boarding Center

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