End of Life & Euthanasia

Companion Animal Hospital is here to best support you during the end of life stages and during the loss of a beloved pet. When pets suffer from severe health conditions or terminal illness we provide palliative care to ensure your pet is comfortable and at ease. If there is any question with your pets quality of life our veterinarians will examine your pet and consult with you. Our Veterinarians communicate clearly providing all the knowledge of your pets condition to assist you in choosing the best time for euthanasia. Our facility is equipped with a private comfort room to make the most difficult part of loving your pet as peaceful as possible.  Our caring staff is prepared to be of aid during this difficult time. 

Memorial Services

Custom memorial plaques with Pear Tree may be ordered through our hospital. Crematory services for our patients are performed off-site through Pet Angel. Please visit the links below to view options and services provided.

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