I have been a customer of Companion for at least 5 years and 3 pets and have never been disappointed. Every single staff member here is well trained, very friendly, and always helpful. We sadly had to put down one of our pets recently and the nice people at Companion sent us a handwritten sympathy card, not to mention they were incredibly respectful and professional during the actual visit. Also, their new office is amazing! If you go to a different vet in this town, switch!

Zachary Given

I am so thankful to have found such a wonderful place to take my fur children. My cat had to have a surgery there and he was treated so well and has healed beautifully thanks to the great team and veterinarians at Companion. The kindness and empathy that was given not only to me but to my pet as well is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Amylia Vance

The people at Companion truly love our girl! They are always kind and caring. She gets the best care, and Dr Hartley is the BEST! Highly recommend Companion.

Linda Crane

I have been client at Companion for over 10 years. I cannot imagine taking my dogs anywhere else. The prices are fantastic for the services provided. The vets care about animals, actually really care about the wellbeing of your pet. I’ve never had them encourage a test that was not needed and they are certainly not in it for the money. The staff is lovely. They know me by name and always take the time to be kind and friendly, even when it is hectic in the front of the house. My 8 year old Dachshund, Sophie was diagnosed with kidney failure and that did everything within their power to keep her alive, including teaching me how to use an IV at home. Unfortunately, we did end up putting her down. I know they felt the pain of her loss as much as I did. I still have two Dachshunds and they will never been seen anywhere else. These are vets and staff that care and they will take care of you and your pet family for life.

Sarah Olive-Smith

Fantastic staff and wonderful facilities. They are so compassionate and dedicated to providing the best care possible. Thank you!

Janice Chambers

Wonderful staff, we use their grooming, vet, and boarding services. Our dogs are always happy and healthy. They are very accommodating to long term boarding, and drop offs/pickups for grooming. I have a very big, very grouchy older dog that they are wonderful with . 

Lindsey White

My new kitten fell ill. I called a few places and they did not have availability. I called Companion and they told me to bring her right away and they would look at her in between appointments. After talking with the vet tech about her symptoms she went over what they would likely do and the prices of everything. She said she would call me if the doctor wanted to do further testing with the costs and why it was needed for me to decide. They not only called me to let me know how she was doing through out the day but they called when she went home to check on her to see how she was doing. They also called after the weekend to check to see how she did. My kitty is now very happy and healthy. Tsuki and I are very thankful for their quick response! I look forward to bringing her back for check ups and my dogs too!!

Elizabeth Britt

We have taken our pets to Companion for about 7 years now. Most recently we had to take our corgi for some major dental work. They did a miraculous job with her extractions and she has been brought back to good oral health! This in turn has made her more energetic! She eats better, and is overall her old happy self ~ no longer in the pain she had prior to the dental work. Thank you for providing such good care for all our animals. We also use Companions grooming and boarding services and have always been impressed! When we pick them up from boarding it doesn’t even smell like an animal lives there much less 20!!! Thank you for always being able to count on you! 

Erin & Joe Roberson

I honestly cannot say enough good things about Companion Animal Hospital and the staff. My dog had a horrible allergy problem that nobody could diagnose for 2 years until a friend of mine recommended I go to Companion. Dr. Epperson actually took the time to look at my dog’s lengthy medical file and after seeing him and running some blood work was able to diagnose his problem and get him on a healthy happy track. All of the staff there are friendly and care about every animal and owner that walk through their doors. It’s the Cheers of the veterinarian world! I recommend them to every one I meet! I’ve said on several occasions that if I ever move I will fly my dog and I back here just so he can keep seeing Dr. Epperson! If I could give more than 5 stars I would! 

Erica Cacho

Drs. Epperson and Hartley have been our doctors for years, and they are wonderful! They and their staff have seen us through many crises and have always been caring, sensitive, thorough, professional, knowledgeable, and in all ways, the best!

Debbie Oliver

Absolutely LOVE Dr. Epperson and his staff. We have been taking all of our animals to him for years. He goes above and beyond the typical line of duty for his patients, and their human parents. He is extremely caring and thorough. Prices are also reasonable, and he has all the right equipment in house. I highly recommend to anyone looking for a new vet! I wouldn’t dream of taking our fur-babies anywhere else!

Amanda Mitchell

I have been taking my three cats to Companion for over two years now. I trust the vets there because they seem to genuinely care about your pet (I have been to other vets where it is obvious that they are more concerned with what is in your wallet). Case in point: I first went to Companion to schedule a dental cleaning for my cat, since they had a special that month. The vet examined my cat and told me that her teeth were fine and it wasn’t worth it to anesthetize her. I have been very happy with the service provided. My six year old cat developed a breathing problem that caused her lung to collapse, re-inflate, and then fill up with fluid. Dr. Crosslin spent several hours (on her own time) making multiple phone calls to experts and sending them radiographs and did not give up until she had a diagnosis: chronic bronchitis/asthma. Who would have thought? Since being on steroids and an inhaler, my cat has been much better. I find that the vets at Companion tend to start with the least complicated diagnosis and work their way up, instead of starting off with a scary diagnosis. For example, if I were to bring a cat in that hadn’t used the litterbox for several days, they would first assume that the cat was constipated, give them an enema, and see if the cat got better. If the cat did not, then they would try some other diagnosis. This is in comparison to another vet that I went to in Miami where they thought my three year old cat might have pancreatic cancer or a host of other scary and expensive illnesses and performed x-rays, ultrasounds, and overnight observation on IV fluids only to make the conclusion the next day that she was probably just constipated and sedate her to give her an enema. Basically, what I mean to say is that the vets at Companion don’t try to leverage the love of your pets to try to turn a profit. Obviously they have to make money to stay in business, but they do it through providing excellent service instead of scare tactics. I have found the vets and staff at Companion to be honest and caring. I would definitely recommend Companion Animal Hospital to anyone looking for a new vet!

Riesa Lewis

I have been using Companion Animal Hospital since before it changed hands. Dr Hartley and Dr Epperson are very caring and loving professionals. I have known of situations where they have taken a VERY sick dog home with them until it was well. I know of situations where people have left there dog to be put down just because they couldn’t have puppies. They kenneled that dog until it was adopted. There place is very very clean and I have been in kennels that smelled so bad I wouldn’t leave my dog. There kennel is very clean and the help there are all so very nice. I would highly recommend using people who are so passionate about their work as they are at Companion Animal Hospital and Boarding Center.

Debbie Smith

Best boarding center in the area! All of the staff seem very educated, helpful, and friendly. They really seem to care about your pets! Usually when I walk into a boarding center, it does not smell very nice. But I couldn’t believe how clean everything smelled and looked! Very professional! We are new to the area and will definitely be using their veterinary services as well in the future!

Susan Edgerton

I have been using Companion for both my personal dogs and our rescue dogs for about 6 years now and I can’t imagine finding a more compassionate team of vets in our area! Both Dr Hartley and Dr Epperson are knowledgeable, caring, friendly and professional. They make you feel as though you & your pets are family, which is incredibly important to me when I’m entrusting the care of my dogs to someone. The reception & tech staff are also pleasant & knowledgeable and prices are reasonable. We hope to continue using Companion for many happy years to come!

Nicole Poch